Making The Right Choice In Gaming Chairs

“Specially made, custom designed for your comfort while you play video games.”

For many people out there it may not make sense as to why should one buy a special gaming chair. But for hardcore gamers have realized the difference a comfortable and good chair makes in their performance. After long sitting hours on your normal chair, your body will feel broken on normal chairs.

Gaming chairs are specially made office chairs inspired by the modern racing car seats, where you can easily spend more than 8 hours without feeling tired. They are characterized by a high head seat at your back and adjustable armrests and backseat. They are available in many ranges and patterns of color, making it more appealable to the gaming audience. It can easily be differentiated from an office chair on the basis of its color and the backseat height. The office chair only has medium head rests on the back, whereas a gaming chair will have a high one.

You also might get confused between the PC gaming chairs and the console gaming chairs. Whereas a PC gaming chair would be of considerable desk height, a console gaming chair will not be much above the ground. Both these categories of gaming chair are very different from each other and serve a different purpose. So you should always be very careful while choosing the perfect gaming chair for yourself.

The console gaming chair is again available in two varieties generally, L-shaped rocker style chair and pedestal styled chair.
• The rocker styled chair sits directly on the floor giving you minimum height above the ground. It is perfectly suited for people who love console gaming and like to sit long hours on minimum heights from the ground.
• The pedestal style chair on the other hand is provided with a stand that can be adjusted to any height of your choice.

Features you should consider before buying a gaming chair are:

Ergonomics: Sitting in front of your gaming console for long hours might have some consequences for your body. You do not want to take risks with wooden stools or plastic chairs that may spoil your body posture. That is why ergonomics of the chair should be given special importance during selection.

Seat Height Adjustment: You would want to make sure that the seat height of your gaming chair can be adjusted according to you. If you are a tall man, you might not need that much of adjustment. But most people would have to adjust the seat height. Therefore, it becomes very important that your chair does not miss out on this feature. The right adjustment will ensure that you do not get any strain in your body even after sitting there for long hours. If you select a wrong chair, it would definitely make things uncomfortable.

The gaming chair tilt mechanism: To be able to recline your chair backward and adjust it according to your wishes is a boon. Any hardcore gamer would acknowledge the importance of reclining in a chair. Just make sure that it can be reclined back up to the tilt level that you want.

PC gaming chair makes sure that you are comfortable and do not strain your body with those long sitting hours. Make a right choice and buy one today!!

Best computer desk

As much as your computer is important so is the desk on which it sits. Everyone needs a good place to sit the computer as you use it. Be it an upgrade or buying afresh furniture it is worth checking out what the market has. Below are a few of the top designs comfortable enough for use in varying setups ranging from office use to gaming use.


It has a minimalistic sweeping design that is able to combine the traditional look with modern features. It comes looking like a magnificent drafting table with some sections for desktop doodles and other computer oriented great features. There are grooves and magnetic cables for cable alignment and organization. it also has a slot for the power bar, a place to slot tablet and smartphone while working. This standing desktop is so likeable by the tech savvy person who works a lot and has the energy to stand for long hours.


This wonderful desktop is designed to be a healthy option to long computer working. It allows you to treat your body well by working while standing. It is made of eco friendly materials like bamboo it also has an advanced electronic lifting system that allows for height adjustment of the furniture so as to comfortably fit different users. It is however a bland desk but a healthy one.


Atlantic gaming desk

If you are the person who plays highly concentrated games then this is the best option for you. It is not classy or with lots of space but fits tight places very efficiently and has many extra features. It comes with side holders for that big cup, racks for your controllers, stands for the laptop and keyboard. It also has speaker trays, headphone hooks and storage doors. You need this great stand if you are a gamer.

Regallo expandable

Made of metal and wood, this desk has been perfectly engineered to offer adequate room for the desktop and all the related accessories. It features a bottom storage shelf one of which can be pulled out creating an L shaped desk thereby increasing the workspace. This desktop is so versatile in a compact design.

Walker Edison Soreno is the best computer desk in 2016

A regular favorite in the marketplace like Amazon. The Soreno gives the utility while selling at a low price hence the high sales volume. It is available in a classy black or silver look with the surface having tempered safety glass that is very durable and has an awesome look. Its L shape fits well into corners therefore taking up a little space while offering a large workspace. It features an autonomous CPU stand and a sliding keyboard tray that is mountable in multiple places.